Peace, Calm, and Relaxation

It may seem paradoxical, and at odds to what you have been taught, but you can get more done, more effectively, when you are relaxed and calm, rather than when you’re stressed and anxious.

There are countless research studies confirming the power of relaxation and inner calm to empower productivity and creativity. What you can do when you’re stressed and anxious is nothing to what you can achieve when you are relaxed, calm, and focussed.

The best way I know to get calm is through meditation. Now before you click off this page because meditation isn’t your thing, please wait; meditation isn’t a religion, or attached to any specific religion. It isn’t sitting tied in a knot chanting Ohms (although if that works for you, great). Meditation is about relaxing the body and quietening the mind; and trust me, there’s an entire universe available within you when you learn to quiet your mind.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

Over on Facebook I have a page dedicated to meditation. Check it out.

Every week at 7:23 am UK time I go live on Facebook and create a new meditation. Some have a very specific purpose, others are for more general relaxation and wellbeing. Whatever they’re for, Facebook saves them all and keeps them on the page forever (at least I think that’s how long they stay there). So you can hop over to the page and listen to a meditation any time you want. Give it a try now.

I’ve added in a couple of the meditation videos from the page, as well as the timeline feed to the page so you can easily take a look for yourself.

You have the power within you!

Our minds are incredibly powerful. Through the technique of guided meditation it is possible to focus the imagination in millions of different ways. Whether we focus on health, relationships, career, prosperity, family, or even our connection to the universe, when we engage the full power of our imagination amazing things can happen. That’s why I have coined the phrase ‘Guided Imaginisation’.

In the guided journeys I create the focus is both relaxation and expansion. My intention is always one of enhanced wellbeing for the listener.

Who am I to be leading meditations, you may ask.

I first started my meditation journey at 16 years of age. I joined a local group of Brahma Kumaris for their Raja Yoga Meditation. I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing, but I felt better when I attended the sessions. Since then I have explored and studied a wide range of meditation techniques, including mantra, chanting, breath, and walking (yes, you can meditate and walk).

I went on to teach and lead many in-person groups over the past couple of decades, and I’m delighted to have social media as a platform to reach and impact many more people. The Meditation4Healing brand is only just getting started. I look forward to a time when these weekly meditations touch the lives of millions of people.

Give it a try, you might be surprised just how amazing you are.

If you want to go a little deeper with your meditation adventure, I have several meditation CDs available for digital download. You can find out more about them here.