Life Transformer

Our Mission

You are here to have fun, thrive, play, shine, love, and achieve success by your own definition.
You’ve probably had moments when you thought none of that were possible.
It is, and we’re here to show you the way.

Through our coaching programs, podcast, trainings, books and other content, we’re here to enable and empower you to reconnect with your most powerful, courageous, inspired and beautiful self.

Depending on where you currently are in your life, that may feel like a really long way away, or not. Wherever you are, we’re hear to remind you just how awesome and spectacular you are.

You're in safe hands

Juliet Vorster is a deeply centred and compassionate guide. She walks her talk and lives her life through everything she teaches and writes.

Juliet has trained and studied with many of the greatest thought leaders, metaphysical teachers, and business influencers in the world over the past thirty years.
She continues to study and practice diligently, so that she remains best able to bring you leading edge programs.

Juliet has slain many of her demons and continues to apply, in her own life, the principles and concepts she teaches. She knows that life continues to bring us all fresh opportunities for growth and learning, and by staying anchored in practice we can navigate even the most challenging situations.

What we Believe

No matter what you think or believe about yourself and your life, and no matter what you have done or had done to you, here’s what we believe about you:

  • We believe you aren’t broken and you don’t need fixing.
  • We believe everything you are seeking is already within you.
  • We believe you have constant access to an innate intelligence infinitely greater than your brain, or conscious thought.
  • We believe that with the appropriate catalyst and encouragement you can access your inner wisdom with relative ease.

We have all experienced struggle, challenge, heartbreak, panic, dissapoinment, rejection, hurt, loss, anxiety, self-doubt, anger, frustration, as well as joy, peace, appreciation, happiness, and love. Our emotions are our guidance system; they are an essential part of our humanity.